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Marine Industry

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

Structural Analyses (FEM)

Form Optimization
Structural and Vibration Analyses
Random Vibration and Shock Analysis (MIL-STD-810G)
Air Intake and Exhoust Line Analyses & Optimization
Silencer Design and Pressure Loss Calculation
1D System Based Calculation

Hydrodynamic Calculations & 6 DoF Analyses

  • Total hull resistance calculation

  • Double model & Free-surface analysis

  • Trim angle calculation

Propeller Hydrodynamic Calculations & Wake Adapted Propeller Design

  • Propeller hydrodynamic calculation under the open-water condition

  • Propeller hydrodynamic calculation behind hull condition

  • Wake adapted propeller design 

  • Rotor & Stator optimization

Self-Propulsion Analysis

  • Verification of maximum achievable speed

  • Ship acceleration curve over time

  • Emergency stop simulation

  • Spiral and reverse spiral simulation

  • Zig-zag manoeuvre simulation

  • Turning circle manoeuvre simulation